5 Everyday Camera Bags (that you'll actually want to carry)

April 30, 2019

For Christmas this year I got my first "fancy" camera and I had absolutely no idea how to use it. There's still a lot of settings I'm not 100% sure how to use and a million and one Photoshop and Lightroom actions I'm clueless about. This summer I really want to learn more and become a more experienced photographer. Even though I'm usually in front of the camera rather than behind it, I think that the more I know about my camera, the better I can help someone else learn how to use it to get the shots that I want for the blog. 
One of the things I hate is carrying around my clunky black camera bag wherever I go when I want to take photos. Que an Amazon deep dive. I found soo many camera bags that I would much rather carry around than my current situation that are both functional and fashionable. Ranging from inserts for bags you already own to whole backpacks for travel I think this list covers a wide range and has a bag for everyone. 

You can shop all of these  from my Amazon list here

Let me know which one is your favorite, or what your favorite camera bag is that's not on this list!

How I Use My Happy Planner to Stay Motivated and Productive

April 23, 2019

Spring is finally here! It has been almost 75 here and I am so happy I can finally walk outside again without a jacket (most days).
With the weather being so nice and the end of the semester just around the corner motivation is pretty much at an all time low. This is probably the worst timing right? There's still finals and exams and papers left to crush, so there is definitely no time to slack off.
I have raved about my Happy Planner before, but it really helps me stay on top of things when all I want to do is anything but school work.

I switched to Happy Planner last June. I was so drawn in by all the stickers and the beautiful spreads that people would create each week. I also loved the flexibility of it. I use the vertical weekly spread, which I was a little unsure of at first. I was so used to having a full page for each day I thought there was no way I could go back, let alone having it be vertical instead of horizontal. Boy was I wrong. Each day is split up into three different boxes, so you can designate one to different parts of you life if you want, or break it up by morning afternoon and night or just go wild and not use any sort of system.
When I first started out I used a box for each part of my day, but I found that I didn't like the way it looked and I felt like I was trying to pack too much into my day so there wouldn't be as much white space. After that I started to dedicate each box to specific part of my life. One for school, one for my blog and another one for other general life stuff. That system has worked pretty well for me so far and it's what I still use today, with a few tweaks. 

The Break Down

Top Box:
I like to have the top box for the day be my to-do list OR the most important thing that's due that day. If I have a big project due, I'll use a sicker from the Colorful Boxes pack and stick that in the first box and write what ever it is that's due in there. I find that I'm automatically drawn to what's at the top of the page, so it makes the most sense to put the things that need attention there. Plus there is just something so satisfying about opening up your planner and seeing all the boxes checked off from the day before that just makes you want to do it again.

Middle Box:
Here I'll either put my to-do list if I had something else in the box or any blog related to-dos or reminders. I like to keep all this sperate from my school to-dos since school always has to get done first. If I don't have any blog or life things to put here or it's a pretty chill week I'll add some full box stickers like the one I the picture below.

Bottom box:
The bottom box is where I put any big decorative stickers. If there's a holiday, this is usually where I put the big box sticker from the Seasonal pack. I also some times put shopping lists here, if I don't put them over on the side panel. I like to tie in cute little decorative stickers to my whole spread but this is where I really focus them.

The monthly spread is where I put all of my due dates, big tests, appointments, trips ect. I'll either put a little colored dot, a small stickers (like an asterisks) or a colorful box depending on a few things. Due dates usually just get one of the first two options since I have so many. Appointments and tests usually get a box so they stand out more. It also depends on the color scheme I'm going aiming for that month and how many stickers I have in said color.

My (current) Favorite Sticker Packs

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