My Favorite Winter Skin Care Products

February 11, 2019

I'm sure we all know that the cold, dry, windy weather we get in the winter can wreck havoc on our skin. Do chapped lips and dry, pale skin ring any bells? 
Living in New York, we get some of the worst of it, so it's important to have a routine thaw actually works. It probably goes without saying that moisturizing is the most important part of keeping your skin healthy in the cold, but I've found that there's a few other key steps have drastically changed winter skincare for me.

 I tend to get small eczema breakouts on my nose, mostly in the winter time. When I already have a flare up, my go to treatment is the Aveeno Hydrocortisone Cream that you can get over the counter per recommendation by my dermatologist, but obviously the goal is to try and avoid them in the first place. 
I use my Clarisonic  Mia Smart to lightly exfoliate my skin every time I wash my face. I like this better than using a physical or chemical exfoliator because I feel like they just irritate my skin too much. I like to follow that up with a toner, the Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray is a great, easy option. Once a week I'll follow this step up with a mask, I linked a few of my favorites.  It's super important to put on a thick moisturizer at night, especially after putting your kin through so much. Some days I'll use an overnight moisturizing mask like the one I linked, but usually I'll just use the First Aid Beauty one. This moisturizer has totally changed my life, no joke.  It works wonders on my patches of dry skin, but doesn't make me oily in my T-zone. 
Besides the face, the rest of your skin deserves a little extra love too. I was introduced to the Neutrogena Body Oil at the Amazon store at my school and I love. It's so light and is perfect to use after a shower. 
Speaking of showers, this St. Tropez in shower self tanner is perfect for all of us pale girls. It's easy to use and develops gradually so you don't get streaks or turn orange. I actually use this year round. It provides the perfect glow to make you look healthy and not like a ghost. 
It may seem like a lot, but once you get  a routine down, it's like second nature.

What are some of your winter skin care life savers?

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