Hello Februray! Rosy Pink OOTD

February 4, 2019

JACKET: Forever 21 || SCARF: A gift but here's a similar one || BAG: Francesca's || BOOTS: Payless (old, similar linked here) ||LEGGINGS: Lululemon 

Happy February everyone! I have seen soo many people talking about how happy they are that it's February because January felts so long, and I honetly don't feel that way. Maybe it's because I was balancing work, a winter class and trying to declutter my spaces a home , but I feel like the last few weeks of January flew by.
Since it has been so insanely cold the past few weeks (and it's only gotten worse) I've been leaving the house as little as possible.  The few times I have, I've made sure that I'm bundled up in plenty of layers, which means that this scarf has been seeing lots of action lately. It's not only the perfect colors for this month but also for transitioning into Spring when it's still cold enough to now in New York.
Speaking of spring, the spring clean bug has gotten to me early this year. When I was home for break last month I started 3 major organization projects: My bedroom, my bathroom and my basement desk/craft/planning area.  I got a pretty great start, but there definitely was not enough time to finish. I'm hoping to get them all done when I'm home for spring break in March. 
There pictures were taken only a week or so after Christmas, but I'm finally just now getting around to put them in a post for you guys. I think it kinds of fits though since I had some cute pops of pink which are perfect for this time of year. Fun fact, the bag I'm holding isn't actually mine! I had my little Coach Backpack that I got for Christmas, until we realized that Ally's purse worked so much better. Shoutout to best friends who always have your back. 
Leave a comment down below with ideas for posts that you want to see in the next few weeks!

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