Gift Ideas for the Fitness Fanatic in Your Life

December 15, 2018

After what seemed like the longest week ever, I finished 2 of my finals yesterday and can final breath some fresh air. I took last night and today off from studying for my last test to binge watch Christmas movies. It's so hard trying to get into the Christmas spirit when I have to stay at school so much longer than I have in the past, plus there is zero sign of snow here :(. 

Today I bring you my last gift guide, which was actually supposed to go up last weekend, oops.
Luckily almost everyone and their mother has Amazon prime so your gifts can still get here by Christmas. This one is for all the health junkies in your life, or maybe a gift or two for that person whose New Year's resolution is always to go to the gym more and seems to forget by February. These cute and functional gifts can help them stick with it year round.

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