Dorm Room Shopping: Where to Start + What's In My Dormify Cart

July 22, 2018

At the end of August I will be moving into a dorm for the first time. It's pretty overwhelming yet exciting getting ready for move in day. For years I have been saying that I can't wait until I had my own space to decorate, so this just puts me one step closer. 
I have read so many blog posts, gone through hundreds of checklists and watched dozens of videos on the "Essentials" things you need to bring with you. From talking to friends and just my everyday life as a college student, I've realized that a lot of the stuff from all of those really isn't as important as they seem. I wanted to share with you guys a list of the MOST important things I'm buying for my dorm, complied from lists, posts, videos, friends and my own experience.
 At the end of the post Ill share my Dormify cart with you guys, which is basically all the extra fluff you really don't need but will totally make your room cuter and make you feel more at home. If you want 20% off your Dormify order you can click this link right here. Go ahead, I'll wait. Now that's out of the way, let's jump right in. 

Dorm Room Essentials

Comforter/ Duvet- For the love of all things holy please do not buy one in white. It will get dirty so, so quickly. If you still want the look of a sleek neutral color scheme with maybe a popular color, a shade of grey is a safe bet.


Mattress Pad AND Mattress Topper- This will make your dorm bed so much comfier I promise you. My best friend even has two mattress pads and I think her dorm bed might be comfier than my bed at home

2 Sets of Sheets- Get at least 2 sets so you aren't constantly doing laundry and you can still lay in bed while you're washing the first set. 

Organization- This one is a pretty umbrella term but get what fits your needs. Have a lot of shoes? Get a hanging shoe rack. Want to lots of snacks on hand? Plastic bins are perfect for that? Have so much stationary your roommate might think you're crazy? First off, you're not, second get some desk organizers. The possibilities are endless. 

Closed Lid Garbage Can- You'll obviously need a garbage in your room and if your room doesn't provide one for you, you'll need to bring one. I recommend one that has a closable lid to keep any funky smells from filling up your tiny, shared space.

A Lamp- Some schools provide a desk lamp, some provide a floor lamp, all of them have horrible (or non-existent) overhead lighting. Check what your school provides and pick up which ever one won't be there on move in day.

Mirror- Floor length, wall, or cosmetic is up to you and your level of vanity (don't worry, I'm not judging) but having at least one is a must. 

For the most part this is a really all you need to get through your time in the dorms. You don't want to bring too much and then not use half of it and you definitely want thinks that are more functional than decorative. If you have any more dorm room must haves, leave them in a comment below!

Great Places to Shop

Dormify-You can shop pre planned rooms in a few clicks. Decorating your dorm doesn't get much easier than that!
Target- I love Target for more décor centric things like pillows, throw blankets and wall hangings
Bed Bath and Beyond- Perfect for all the basics like bedding, organization and small appliances (hello coffee maker)
Ikea- I don't have one near me but I imagine it's very similar to Bed Bath and Beyond
Walmart- Cute for cheap décor and cheap mattress toppers/pads, especially if your school doesn't allow the foam ones like mine.

What's In My Dormify Cart

Wall Art // Dry Erase Boards // Throw Blanket // Duvet Cover // "I Believe in Naps" Pillow // Trunk // Bed Skirt // Pink Pillow

If you want to get the 20% you must you my link above, not the product links!

If you guys post any pictures of your dorm room this year, make sure you tag me in your pictures! My Instagram is @cuteandclassyblog 

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