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July 1, 2018

First things first, this isn't your typical 4th of July outfit post where everything either has an American flag, stars or stripes on it (No shade to those posts, they're all still super cute). I wanted to put together something that was still festive but not totally in your face about the holiday.

This is a pretty casual look, that can totally be worn with some cute distressed shorts or even the chino shorts in my last post, it just happened to be a little chilly the day I shot these. You could up the festive-ness of it with some cute tassel earrings like these ones, or a more patriotic shirt like this one.

Outfit Details:
Shirt // Jeans // Bag // Shoes // Sunglasses // Bracelets (Use LEAHCLASEN20 for 20% off)

I am currently writing this post while sipping on some lemon ginger tea with honey, surrounded by tissues and sounding like a frog. Who ever said kids are bad at sharing is a liar. They love to share their germs, even when you don't ask!
I swear by using a humidifier when I'm sick and I recently tried using a saline nasal rinse (it's uncomfortable buy you can actually breath after guys!!) but what are some of your best cold remedies? I'm trying to get better asap because let me tell you,  while being sick in the summer sucks, being sick while you work at on outdoor summer camp makes it so much worse.

 You can catch me dragging my tea and tissues outside with me this week because there's no way I'm staying cooped up inside! I'll be spending my Independence day on my friend's boat, which is pretty much the most all-American way you can spend the 4th of July. Here's to hoping I feel better by then.
Share your plans for the 4th in the comments below!

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