Coffee Date no. 8 (with puppies!!) + Day Concert Outift

May 1, 2018

As per tradition when I take a little break from posting, I'm back with another Coffee Date. School has kept me super busy since I've gotten back from break, but we're in the final stretch of the semester and hopefully things will start to wind down soon.  

Playing with puppies!
 Outfit details

All smiles at OH Fest

Outdoor concert/Festival Outfit
Outfit details
Jacket (it's actually a denim shirt) // Shirt // Jeans // Shoes //Sunglasses

Unfortunately the puppies in the picture aren't mine :( but, playing with them was the perfect way to spend the first nice day of spring we've had this year. Last weekend I went to OH Fest at my best friend's school and we had so much fun dancing our hearts out to A Boogie, so I wanted to throw in a little outdoor concert outfit inspo into this post for you guys. The shots aren't the best, but I wasn't really planning on doing a while post for it. 

I have to be honest, I haven't felt very inspired or motivated to post much lately. I've been super stressed out over school and what in going to be doing next year. I cannot believe that I'm going to be graduation from my school in less than 2 weeks! It's so crazy to me that I'll actually have a real college degree.
Now that I'm back, I really want to step up the blog and make this the best year yet for Cute & Classy! I'm not planning on a full rebrand but there's a lot of updates coming to the site, the newsletter and my social pages.
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I'm really excited to work hard and put out higher quality content for you guys. I'm going to stick to one post a week for now so that I can really work hard on it, but there might be a few extras thrown in here or there. My Instagram theme has been getting a lot better if I do say so myself, but dang it, I don't know how people keep up with a white theme and post so frequently. I guess the key is to just take pictures of everything. To all my friends: I'm sorry in advance.

Now onto the things I've been binging on lately


New Girl
Okay so this one is a re-watch, but with the new season I just had to start from the beginning to fully enjoy all the joy of Jessica Day and her roommates. If you need a good rom-com that (in my opinion) focuses more on the comedy, this is totally the show you need in your life. The episodes are short so you might find yourself finishing this one in a few weeks.

Scream Queens
I'm a little late to the party on this one. This show is so cheesy and over dramatic that it makes it funny. If you need something you can hate on but also get pulled into this is the perfect show.


Views with David Dobrik and Jason Nash
If you like watching David's vlogs you definitely need to listen to this podcast. They talk about a bunch of behind the scenes stuff, and keep it super real about how much they make from tours and brand deals while also putting their usual comedy spin on things.

Insanely Chill with Cody Ko
This podcast is very appropriately named. It's super laid back and well, chill and it feels like you're in the room chatting with friends while you're listening to this. Of course Cody and his guests crack some pretty good jokes and chat about music and the other types of things Cody does on his YouTube channel. It's one of my favorites to listen to on long car rides by myself.


Whitney Simmons
Whitney is a super positive, quirky, booty goals lifestyle and fitness vlogger. I love watching her videos when I need a little more motivation to stick to my fitness regimen, a new workout or some food/ meal prep ideas. She also has the two cutest little pups in the world!


  1. Love New Girl! Trying to finish up season 6 on Netflix right now.

    1. The ending is literally the best! No spoilers here though

  2. Congrats on being so close to graduation - that's super exciting :)) Also I've just discovered Cody Ko and I can't believe I've been missing out on him for so long...he is so funny!

    - katrina // Yours Truly, Katrina


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