8 Dresses for Graduation-Class of 2018

May 5, 2018

This June will mark 2 years since my high school graduation and feels like the time has just flown by! 
A week from today (ahh!!) I will be walking across the stage again as I get my Associates Degree, the first of a few college degrees I plan on picking up along the way. In high school we weren't allowed to decorate our caps, so I'm going all out this time around. I'll be sharing the finished product with you guys over on my Instagram (@cuteandclassyblog) but let me know if you want a full tutorial! It won't be up in time for most college graduations, but hopefully I can help out some of my high school readers. 

I know a lot of people who don't think what you wear under your graduation gown matters all that much but that couldn't be farther from the truth! In most of the pictures you take, you're either going to have your gown unzipped or not even keep it on at all. You guys can see some of my high school graduation pictures and some DIY grad party ideas in this post

I know a lot of high schools (maybe colleges too) give the girls white gowns if that's one of their school colors, so I made sure to include a few white and lighter options for those of you who will be wearing those flimsy white caps and gowns. If you have a darker or black cap and gown, you have a lot more freedom with the colors you have on underneath. 

My biggest tip when picking your dress: POCKETS

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Congratulations to all the graduated of the Class of 2018! Go on to do amazing things!!

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