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December 5, 2017

The end of the semester is so close but first there's finals. I tried to go (almost) paperless for the Fall semester, and I definitely cut down on a lot of the paper I used to use. There's always room for improvement for next semester though. The one thing that helped a lot was using my iPad Pro and Apple pencil to take my notes rather than writing them in a notebook.

During class I write them in Microsoft OneNote, then I re-write them in the GoodNotes app. They come out neater in that app and it is a little more sensitive to the Apple Pencil.
Today I tried something a little different. I used the screen recording function that came with iOS 11 while I re-wrote my notes earlier. It's still something I'm working on so bear with me, but if you want to see more videos leave a comment below!

Watch how I turned this:

into this:


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