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December 10, 2017

Sunday is the start of a new week; a fresh start. It's the day most people spend running errands, lounging around the house and prepping for the week ahead.

Putting up a blog post every day is hard, I won't lie to you guys. It's also hard trying to promote a post every day across all my platforms without forgetting a site or post every once in a while. I feel like some of my posts haven't gotten the reach I would've like because I am failing to promote them. I wanted to use today's post as a recap and to refresh and recharge through the craziness of finals week.

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Despite finals week starting tomorrow, I have to say that this has been a pretty stress free weekend for me. By that I mean only one or two moments of panic about finishing my work. 
My mom and I did some Christmas shopping yesterday, I (finally) made an appointment to get my eyebrows done, I finished the last assignments for two of my classes and even squeezed in some time to bake some cupcakes. I plan on having a post up on those sometime this week. 

I feel pretty confident going into this week. My online class is already finished and I already delivered my final speech in public speaking. That leaves me with one sit down test for physics and a presentation for my astrobiology class. Good luck to anyone taking finals this week. To anyone who is already done: want to trade places?

Now to recap everything you might've missed from me this week.



+ My first video!



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Are you keeping up with my 25 Days of Blog Posts? Have you read them all? Which one from this week was your favorite?

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