Red Lipsticks Every Girl Needs

8:30 PM

Red lipstick is such a classic look. It is a color of confidence. Even if you're not all that confident, the people around you won't know because you're wearing such a bold lip color. Red lips are very common for the holiday season. Since Christmas is only a few days away I though I'd share my all time favorite red lipsticks.

As a general rule of thumb for red lips, you want ones that have cooler undertones. Warmer undertones can bring out the yellow in your teeth, while cooler tones can help mask that. If cool undertones just don't work for your skin tone, i recommend using a whitening toothpaste the night and morning before you plan on wearing your red lipstick. 

I always make sure to line my lips before and after putting on a bright lip color to get the most crisp line. There is nothing worse than a "squiggle" lip line on someone, and you really can't say anything about it. You don't need to have a lip liner that matches your lipstick exactly. You can use darker colors for more of an ombre look. I like to use this Maybelline lip liner.

What is your favorite red lip color?

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