My Favorite Face Masks

December 15, 2017

I'd like to say that I have pretty good skin. I 100% credit that to my skin care routine. Besides the face washes I use in the morning and at night, I always make sure I exfoliate and use a face mask once a week. 

Every time I'm on Instagram I see another post or story about a cool face mask (I'm guilty of this too don't worry) but those aren't necessarily always the ones that could be doing the most for your skin. 

In today's post I have some masks that are actually good for your face and a few fun ones too. 

I have combination skin, and one of the treatments I use dries out my skin a ton. I love using hydrating masks to help that, especially the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. Honey masks like the Body Shop Ethiopian Honey mask are great for hydration as well.

Charcoal masks are great for those days where your skin feels like it needs a deep detox. One of my favorites is the Origins Clear Improvements active charcoal mask. These make your pores feel really tight and maybe leave you a little dry, so make sure you add a good moisturizer after. I swear by the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream.

Under eye and lip masks are great for mini pamper sessions. You can use them while you're getting ready if you don't have the time to do a full face mask. 

Oxygenating bubble masks or gold masks are super fun and make for great snap chats. A lot of these come as sheet masks but you can also get ones that you "paint" on.

I like to use a synthetic foundation brush to apply all my masks that aren't sheet masks. It doesn't need to be high quality to get the job done either. Mine was a dollar at TJ Maxx.

One mask I wouldn't recommend are peel off masks. They pull on your skin, which can cause wrinkles. They can also actually make your pores larger over time. Your pores are clogged which usually means what ever is in there is too large to come out on it own. When you pull that gunk out with a peel off mask, you're stretching the pore to pull it out. I recommend using products that will break down the stuff in the pore so it can come out on it's own or with washing/ a face brush.

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