Comfy, Cozy Winter Accessories You Need Right Now

December 14, 2017

Tuesday was the first day it really snowed where I live, and with that came some very, very cold weather. I've had to pull out my puffiest winter coats and my warmest fuzzy socks to make my walks to and from classes bearable. 
I've talked to a few people who have moved to New York from some warmer states that were shocked by everything you have to do just to get ready to leave your house in the winter. One girl just moved here from Hawaii and didn't even know what a snow brush was! 
I thought it would be helpful for any of you who may be facing your first real winter, or just want something new, to put together a list of my must have winter accessories to stay warm.


If you haven't discovered the miracle  that is camp socks you are seriously missing out. They're so thick and warm and if you get the fuzzy ones it will feel like your feet are being cradled in a cloud. Seriously.
I like to wear mine with my bean boots, but you can really wear them with anything. I've seen people wear them both under and over whatever pants they have on and it looks cute either way.


Something about a fur lined hood just makes you feel warmer, even if the jacket isn't all that great. I wear my fur lined down jacket all winter and let me tell you it's a life saver. It's so thick and warm even the strongest winds don't reach you underneath. 


A scarf is the key to keeping your neck and face warm while you're outside. Added bonus: it doubles as a fashion accessory once you've made it into the warmth that is indoors. 


I always have some sort of hit beverage in my hands in the winter. Most mornings it's coffee, then it turns into tea and some of the times hot chocolate (check out the best hot chocolate recipe ever right here). Not only does it warm up your hands, but it warms your whole body from the inside out. At least it feels that way. 


Fun fact, your fingers and toes are the first things to freeze off so your body can use their blood to keep your major organs warm longer. Don't let your fingers freeze off, wear some gloves. And not those ridiculous fingerless gloves because that defeats the whole purpose. Get some "tech gloves" that have a different material on the finger and thumb so you can still scroll through Instagram while you're out and about. 


You want to keep your hear warm too, since a lot of heat can escape from there. A warm, but still cute option is a pom-pom hat. They even make versions that you can pull a ponytail or messy bun though. 


If you're not a huge fan of hats like myself, it's still important to keep your ears warm. Have you even had super cold ears when it's windy. That stuff hurts bro. A great option that won't mess up your hairs is ear muffs. I used to wear there all the time as a kid, then I went through a phase where I was too cool for them but I have to say, they're making a comeback. 

I hope you all stay nice and toasty warm this winter! 

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