Coffee Date no. 6

December 1, 2017

 Hello everyone! I wanted to hop on quickly to update you all on what's been happening lately and what's in store for the month.

It's officially December! One of my favorite things about this month besides all the holiday festivities is watching everyone's vlogmas videos. Over the years I've see bloggers do blogmas and I've always loved the idea of it, but writing 25 posts in one month is just so time consuming during a time of year that is already so stressful with finals and family obligations.
This year I really wanted to give it a try and pre write a good portion of the posts over the Thanksgiving break but that just didn't happen. I still want to try and give it a shot, so I am not going to promise a new post everyday even though that's what I want to shoot for, I will put out at least 3 posts a week for  you guys. Not all of them will be Christmas related because I feel like that would just be overkill, but a good amount of them will be. 
Let this post mark my first of Blogmas 2017! If you guys have anything you'd like to see please let me know in the comments, an email or DM because I'll definitely need lots of ideas. 

Now onto the things I've been loving lately

Christmas Music
I'm not going to lie, I started listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I just don't like that we only get 25 acceptable days to listen to it! Michael Bubl√© will always be one of my favorites along with all the classics but I love when other artists put their own modern spin on them. Unpopular opion: Justin Bieber's Christmas album has the best original Christmas songs  

If you guys aren't already on the David Dobrik bandwagon you need to start watching his videos right now. If you are, great we can be friends. If you want more content from him and his friends you need to listen to this podcast with him and Jason Nash. They open up more about their lives and what the business they're in is really like. You get more "behind the scenes" stories and a good laugh at the same time.

One of my favorite things to do it baking, especially during the holidays. This year a majority of my gifts to people are probably going to be baked good, after I save a few for myself of course. Anyone who doesn't like the Pillsbury Christmas cookies isn't human, sorry.

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