Quick Update!

7:01 PM

Hi everyone!
This is going to be a short and sweet update post.

It was coming up on the renewal date for my blog domain. I was never crazy about the "the" that was at the beginning of thecuteandclassy.com, and didn't really want to pay for another year if I didn't like it.
Earlier today I was reading a post over on The Swirl and saw that they had "blog" at the end of their URL. That's when it hit me. I should take away "the" and add "blog" at the end of my URL to make it cuteandclassyblog.com. Not only would it make a little more sense, it would match my Instagram handle and look nd sound better!
Unfortunately that means I lost all my followers on Bloglovin' (All 60 of them, but hey I appreciate every one) so if everyone reading this could do me a huge favor and Follow my blog with Bloglovin I will be forever grateful.
I tried to make sure I updated everything that had the old URL, but if you see anything weird or have any issues with the new domain working incorrectly please do not hesitate to shoot me a DM or email at thecuteandclassy@gmail.com (I guess I should change that to match now too)

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