How to Get Back on Track

June 7, 2017

After the stress of finals and my recent vacation, which you can check out here, I have definite fallen a bit behind when it comes to my eating and fitness habits. With summer upon us, and my job requiring me to be on my feet all day, I definitely want to make sure I'm not (totally) out of shape.
Today I'm sharing my tips for getting back on track after you've fallen off your fitness wagon.

Stock your fridge with fruits and veggies
The philosophy behind this one is simple; if there isn't junk in your house you can't eat it. Food that is more natural (think less processed) is so much better for your body and your health.

Stop by a farmer's market
To play off my last tip, farmer's markets are a great place to find fresh produce. You're also supporting local stores and farmers, so it's a win-win. You can find some really unique things there that might end up being your new favorite food.

Buy some new workout clothes
When you have cute new workout clothes you want to wear them, which means you're more likely to actually go workout. This doesn't mean you need to go out and buy new Nikes and Lulu leggings, Target or even Forever 21 has some super cute stuff too!

Find a plan that works for you
Everyone is different, which means everyone's approach to a healthy lifestyle should be a little different. Find a meal and workout plan that works for you. I know when I find a new workout or recipe on Pinterest, I get more motivated to do or make them. It's a great place for motivation.

What are some of your tips for hopping back on the fitness train?
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  1. I definitely have to restock my fridge and freezer when trying to get back on track because I have no willpower when there are snacks around!

  2. These are all great ideas to get back on track with fitness! I am also trying to get back into working out. I think motivation is definitely the key, and cute workout clothes is a great way to motivate yourself to work out. Also I totally agree it's important to have healthy food on hand, because if I have junk food sitting around I definitely eat it. Best of luck with your fitness goals!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

  3. I'll add another tip... buy a new "water only" bottle and keep it full of ice water! (well full until you drink it up!)

  4. Haha I get waaay too exited to get new workout clothes! Great tips!


    1. Me too! I get so motivated to go the gym after getting some new clothes


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