What I Learned My Freshman Year of College

May 17, 2017

Friday was the last day of my first year of college and I can't believe how quickly it went by! It had it's ups and downs, but it taught me a lot about like and about my self.

I think the first and the biggest lesson anyone learns in college is independence. Most people leave home when they go off to college and either live on their own or in a dorm. You no longer have parents around to remind you to do certain things, or even take care of you when you're sick.

Even if you aren't living away from home your first year of college, you still have to learn to be pretty independent. You have to buy your own textbooks, create your own schedule and manage your free time between classes (hopefully to study and do work).

It's okay to drift from your high school friends. You're both busy, it's okay. You're going to meet a bunch of new people when you go off to school and it's easy to feel like your friend is being replaced or vice versa. I think the key to having a mature friendship is accepting the fact that you both have separate lives. That way, when you are together you have so much more to share with them.

Save that money from your summer job! You'll likely be pretty busy with school during the semester. That means you'll have to cut back on hours or stop working entirely. You're going to want to have money to go out with friends or some much needed iced coffee when you're studying. Put away as much of your summer money as possible.

I like to put my pay check right into my savings account and only transfer enough money so there is an even number in my savings. Once that's done I don't touch it.
Another way to save some money is put away all the $5 bills you come across. You can use them to save up for a special event or to treat yourself at the end of the semester.

Do you have any other lessons you've learned in your first year of college? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. The piece about drifting away from high school friends is so true, even more so throughout the rest of college. I learned a lot about my passions and goals during my first year of college. It's an experience that really changes your perspective.

    Madison // Mads Maybe

    1. My best friend and I go to two different schools. We don't talk that much but when we do see each other it's like we were never apart!

  2. I've also learned how important it is to know your degree plan and make sure you're really talking with your advisors. I spent a year in a major that wasn't exactly what I was wanting and it really set me back. Now I walk into my advisor's office with a plan! Great tips thanks for sharing!


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