Week in My Life: Cape Cod Vacation

May 31, 2017

If you read my Summer Road Trip Essentials post, you'd know that I spent last week in the Cape with my best friend. My Instagram feed has been filled with pictures from the trip, and there's still many more to come. (p.s. you should totally follow me #shamelessselfpromo)
Even though we didn't have the best weather, it was still lots of fun. I've rounded up my favorite pictures from the trip to share with you. Enjoy!

We got to the Cape late Monday evening. When we got there, we had to turn the water on for the house we were staying at. That was quite the ordeal, let me tell you. Several phone calls, two FaceTimes and one Instagram live later, we finally figured it out (shout out to everyone who helped us!)

We tried going to the beach our first day there, but it was so windy and cold we couldn't stay more than an hour. We definitely had some fun taking pictures while we were there.

After dinner that night, we went back to the beach and got some awesome pictures. The sun set was so gorgeous that night. While we were standing there, we saw a bunch of seals pretty close to shore!

Since it was a pretty rainy week, we didn't get to spend a lot of time on the beach, but we did get to see some very picturesque lighthouses. I think New England has some of the only coasts that are just as pretty on rainy days as sunny days.

There were a few places we went to eat that I wish I could bring back with me. There is a restaurant in Orleans, with a location in Eastham as well, called Hole in One. They serve breakfast and lunch, and make their own doughnuts. It was so good we ate here every day! Their fairway eggs benedict is amazing, their doughnuts are to die for and their mocha iced latte changed the way I'll make my coffee forever. (They used chocolate milk!)

There was a small lunch place called The Knack in Orleans we went to that had some of the best fried chicken I've ever had, and really good fries too. It reminded me a lot of a place near home. Our "sandwiches" were so big you couldn't even close the bun!

There was a coffee shop we went to for ice cream one night called Sparrow. Weird combination, I know, but both were amazing. Not only did they sell great coffee, hot chocolate (which they're known for) and ice cream they had such a cool aesthetic. They had a gift store across the street that sold the cutest stickers, so naturally I had to pick up a few to decorate my iPad and my school supplies next semester.

We spent our last two days in Martha's Vineyard. The first day we were there it rained the whole time.
I obviously had to visit one of the Vineyard Vines while I was there. And naturally I had to buy a shirt and some stickers. It's like a rule right?
We got chocolate (and ice cream the next day) from this really good candy shop called Ben and Bill's, but be warned, they only take cash. I had the best sea salt caramels there, and the triple chocolate ice cream was so creamy it was to die for.
We had dinner the first night at the Lookout Tavern and I got sweet potato fires and lobster bisque and while it was probably the simplest meal I got on vacation, it was one of the best.
The next night we went to the Cape Cod Chowder Company and I got a lobster mac and cheese that was absolutely delicious, I had to make sure I took the leftovers with me.

Overall it was a great trip. I kept saying, if there was a Target on the Cape, I would move there. Someone should start a petition to get one.
The Cape and Martha's Vineyard are two of my favorite places, I hope I get many more chances to return.

Where do you want to vacation to next?


  1. Looks like a really fun trip! The food looks amazing too!

    Madison // Mads Maybe

  2. You got so many good photos, even if the weather was messy! I kind of like rainy days at the beach, as long as there are plenty of sunny days, too!

  3. I always wanted to go to a Cape Cod because it seems like nice place to visit with family.


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