Summer Road Trip Essentials

May 21, 2017

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I leave Monday for a 4 day trip to Cape Cod with my best friend. I'm super excited to get away for vacation. Keep an eye out for lots of new Instagram photos and some fun vacation post the next few weeks.
We are packing up my car and driving 4 hours to the house we are renting on the Cape. Now while I'll be driving the whole time, I can still share my road trip essentials with you.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to brig water with you. A lot of people drink less in an effort to minimize the number of bathroom stops, but that is so unhealthy. Not only that, but you'll probably end up getting to your destination with a pounding headache.
Healthy Snacks
It's really important to stock up on health snacks to avoid eating fast food on the road. If that milkshake or those fries are really calling your name, it's okay to treat yourself. If you fill up on healthier stuff first, you'll be less likely to fill your body with junk.

An Awesome Playlist
Whether you're jamming with your headphones on, or with the whole car, a good playlist can set the mood for the start of the trip. In the summer I like listening to a lot of country music, so I usually opt for a playlist that's heavy on the country. It really helps create beach vibes before you're even there (if you're lucky enough to be going to the beach).
You can check mine out here

Cute Sunglasses
A pair of stylish sunnies is pretty much a requirement for a road trip. No one wants to be squinting into the sun for hours. Not only is it bad for your eyes, but you can say hello to unnecessary wrinkles too. They don't have to be expensive, as long as they do the job! 

This one varies from person to person. Personally I would bring a book or magazine, but I know a lot of people get sick when they read in the car. You can pre-download a movie or something on Netflix to your phone or iPad, play some games, electronic or not (think MadLibs or the sign game) or bring a hobby with you. I know a lot of people like to make friendship blankets of even knit in the car. If the trip was long enough I would probably bring my laptop and write a few blog posts offline.

Let me know what your road trip essentials are. Are you going anywhere fun this summer?


  1. The playlist is so important! Having good music can make the trip better.

    xx, Melissa

  2. How fun! I'd love to road trip to Cape Cod. Totally agree about your essentials! Have an amazing trip!


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