How I prep for the week

April 19, 2017

Taking time out of your weekend to prepare for the week ahead can help eliminate a lot of stress that comes with the beginning of the week. I like to set aside about an hour of so on Sunday evenings to look at the coming week.

Start by filling out your planner
I like to set aside some time on Sunday nights to fill out my planner for the week ahead. I don't like writing out my assignments too far in advance because I tend to get stressed out when I see too much at once. I like to put down any due dates in the monthly view and then write them down in the weekly view on Sundays.

Clear your inbox
I love starting my week off with no emails in my inbox. I try to go through them a little bit through out the week whenever I have some down time (which is very rare lately). Getting rid of all the junk emails makes it easier to find any important ones you get throughout the week.

Plan your outfits
Some people are really good at planning out all the details of their outfits for the entire week. I am not one of those people. I just like to look at the weather for the week and get a general idea of what kind of outfits I should plan, and then set them out the night before I am going to wear them. I really like using StyleBook to put together outfits that I can pick from.

Pick up your room
I like to pick up anything that is laying on the floor or is out of place in my room at the end of the week. Starting the week out with a clean room really helps clear my head and makes me feel like I'm starting out Monday morning on a clean slate. I think it's especially important to do this if you have a desk and do all your work there.

What are your tips for getting ready for the week ahead?

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