Top 5 Tips for Prom

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Prom season is quickly approaching. After 3 proms I think I just about have the whole thing down to a science. If you're going to prom, or any other formal event, you should focus of having fun, not stressing out! Today I'm sharing with you my self proclaimed expert tips.

Let the dress fit you
This may sound kind of odd but so many people buy a dress that doesn't quite fit with plans to lose weight before the event. I'll let you in on a little secret: it probably won't work. Instead you should buy the dress that fits you and if you happen to lose weight get it tailored.

Do a trial run
It's pretty common to have a trail hair appointment and that's for a good reason. Even if you show your stylist a picture, their version will probably come out a different so it's best to make sure you still like it that way. This is also a great time to try on your dress to get an idea of the whole look.

Do your own makeup
Unless you can get your makeup done for free somewhere or by a friend, I recommend doing it yourself to save some money. You can follow along with a YouTube video if your unsure of your skills. It's also lots of fun to practice the look and gives you a reason to get all done up and go out.

Take whoever you feel most comfortable with
This one mostly applies to those of us not in a relationship. Prom is not the place to have a first date. Go with someone you know you'll have a good time with, whether it's with a group of friends or a guy you're close with.

Wear your hair up
Prom season is hot. Dancing makes you sweat. Wear your hair up! There are so many cute updo's you can find on Pinterest. If you really have your heart set on wearing your hair down, try a half up half down look or one that will be easy to put up later in the night. You future self will thank you for the frizz-free pictures you'll have.

Bonus: Have Fun!

Are you going to prom this year? If you are, let me know what your dress looks like in the comments below!

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