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March 1, 2017

My Spring Break is officially 20 days away. While I am unfortunately not traveling anywhere this year, I still want to get be bikini-body ready. Summer bodies start in the winter! You can check out my post about the 5 things I already do every day for my health. I've tired out several different free apps and programs over the past few years. While some have worked, most didn't cut it for me. I wanted to share with you guys the workouts that have worked for me and kicked me into (better) shape.


This was the first program I ever tired doing. When I was sticking to it religiously, I saw a lot of progress and it worked great. I always followed the monthly calaendars but you can totally just pick a few of Cassie's videos to follow along with. This program is definitely one that works best for those of us who prefer working out at home. I'm not sure how well trying to follow a video would work at the gym. 

Tone it Up
This is another free program that is very similar to Blogilates. Each week you get emailed a weekly schedule and you do workouts from the videos and picture graphics on their site. I liked this program because with the graphics it was easier to do at the gym and at your own speed. I would pick a workout for the area I wanted to work on that day and add in some cardio on a machine, usually the elliptical, and I would leave feeling like I had an amazing workout every time. 

Nike + Training Club
This is a free app created by Nike. It's actually one that I have rediscovered in the past few weeks and the one I am currently using. You can set it up to follow a program or pick individual workouts that don't follow your program. Right now I am starting on the beginner 4 week program and I'm really liking it so far. All the workouts are designed and demonstrated by professional athletes, so you know they work!

Let me know what your favorite workouts are in the comments below! I always love trying new ones. 


  1. I will definitely have to check out Blogilates. I myself am trying to get more active.. trying but with two kids I am pretty active myself lol! Love your spring inspired layout!

    1. Thank you! Blogilates is great for working around a busy schedule.

  2. I love blogilates. I started out doing her workouts on youtube until I could construct my own :)

    1. They really helped me learn the proper form for different exercises!

  3. I love this! I'm always looking for good work outs to switch it up! I'm excited to try these out.


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