Spring Semester School Supplies Haul

January 18, 2017

Yesterday was my first day of my spring classes and while I'm pretty sad that break is over I'm happy to be back on a schedule.
If you're anything like me you love buying new school supplies and having a whole new set of classes each semester is the perfect excuse to take a trip to Staples and Target. I wanted to share the supplies I got incase any of you guys wanted some new ways to organize all your work or are simply just curious how other do it like I am.
I didn't get nearly as much as I do at the beginning of the year so I am going to throw in a few items that I had previously that are just getting a refresher for the new semester.

New Notebooks

As much as I like using loose leaf and binders the binders can get pretty bulky and I tend to forget (read: am too lazy) to put the papers in the right divider or even in the rings all together. I like using notebooks and folders because they're not as bulky and I file away any handouts that I'm not currently using anyway. I opted for a small two subject notebook to carry with me all day to take all my "rough draft" notes in and a three subject notebook to copy them all down neat and pretty based on each class. The full size one subject notebook is for my calculus class since we do more problems and homework than taking notes.

Stylus Pens
I'm really going to try and carry around my iPad more than my laptop with me this semester. It's lighter and takes up more space, plus I can "handwrite" notes on it. I did not get the Apple Pencil (even though now I think I might splurge) so I wanted to get a stylus to write with rather than just my finger. These ones were pretty cheap compared to most regular ones and I like how they serve a dual purpose with the pen on the other end. 

Marker Pens
While these Papermate fineliners aren't new I definitely want to try and incorporate them more than just using them in my agenda. I aspire to have pretty, Pinterest worthy notes this semester (Don't we all?)

A Good, Black Pen

 A black pen that you can write neatly with is so important to have in your pencil case! Trust me when I say a pen can definitely have an effect on your handwriting. One of my favorites (and the one pictured above) is the Pentel EnerGel 05. It has a very fine tip and writes so smoothly. I haven't found that it bleeds through the paper I use either.

What did you get for the spring semester? Leave me a comment down below!

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