What's in my Backpack 2016

September 18, 2016

Since school is now in full swing, with many students having been back for a few weeks now, I wanted to share with you guys what I keep in my backpack for college. 
I use the Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote bag as my backpack. 

Water bottle
Hydration is so important. I have a 25oz water bottle and try to get through at least two while I'm on campus 

Although I love my handwritten notes its more convenient to have an electronic copy. Typing them up after class also acts as extra review. Comment down below if you would like a more detailed post about how I take notes!
I also like to get some work done inbetween my classes so having my laptop with me is a must.

Headphones and Chargers
It's important to keep your phone/laptop/tablet charged especially if you're using them for your classes or in the library.

Two pencil cases
I has a smaller pencil case that I keep black pens, mechanical pencils and anything else I use in class every day that I keep on my desk. The larger pencil case has all my colored pens, highlighters and anything I don't use as often or use when I'm rewriting my notes in the library that usually just comes with me when I know I'll have time in the library. 

No one wants to get sick during school and with all the people and germs you'll come in contact with this is a must have.

Hand lotion
If you're using a lot of handsanitizer it's going to dry out your hands. Add on cold weather up north and you'll be wanting a nice hand lotion while you're on campus.

No matter how much you wash your hands or use hand sanitizer it is inevitable that you're going to get sick at least once. Don't be that person who keeps sniffing during class. Bring some tissues with you!

Minimergency Kit
This saves me so much space in my bag because I can be assured that I have something for nearly every emergency while keeps big my bag light at the same time. Everything is in one tiny, convinient bag

No one wants to get stuck walking to class in the rain on a day you didn't bring a rain coat. Enough said.

Wallet and Keys
This is especially imports for anyone who commutes to school. I'd reccomend always having your student ID and some cash with you if you live on campus. 

I always feel like I have something stuck in my teeth or have bad breath after eating so I like to chew a piece of gum after lunch or even after a coffee

What do you keep in your backpack/work bag?

Remember to keep it cute, and classy


  1. Hand Sanitizer and basically everything else you mentioned I have too-blogging minds think a like!
    Happy Weekend,


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