How I Edit my Instagram Pictures

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As a blogger, I find myself on Instagram a lot. Some days when I have extra time on my hands I can spend hours on there! I love looking at peoples' profiles that have beautiful cohesive themes. Lately I have been working on creating a theme for my feed and I think I have finally found one that I like. 
I thought I'd share with you guys what apps I use and what I do when I edit my Instagram pictures.


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the first thing I do when take a picture is edit any slight imperfections in Facetune. These are usually anything from a bra strap I want hidden to fly away hairs and teeth whitening. This is a totally optional step and wont effect your theme at all.

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Here's where the fun comes in. I open the picture in VSCO and bypass the filters and go right to the editing mode. I up the exposure +2, contrast +4, saturation +2 and highlights +4. This leaves my pictures crisp and bright. 

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You can download this app here
After I am done editing my pictures I upload them to Planoly. This app is great because it puts the picture you're about to post next to all your existing posts so you can make sure that your new picture fits well with your existing theme. This is especially helpful when you have several pictures you're going to upload and you want to see how they'll all look together to see what order to post them. You can also see your account statistics and schedule and caption your pictures from this app.

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Unum is a very similar app to Planoly. You can see your new pictures with the rest of your feed, access your statistics, edit and schedule from the app. You can even set daily reminders to post if you don't want to schedule your posts from the app. The even better part? It's 100% free!

How do you edit your pictures?

Remember to keep it cute, and classy.

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