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August 20, 2016

Originally posted on February 12, 2016

I've been running Cute and Classy for about 3 months now and have using my personal social media to interact with you guys. Now there are many flaws to this, the largest one being that some of my accounts are private and I don't accept all of your follow requests because I don't know who you are.
So finally after three months of testing the waters with this blog and liking the name much much better than I liked my old blog I finally made some social media accounts just for this. I can be more open about promoting the blog, products and other blogs than if i were using a personal account and I can interact with you guys much more.
I do ask that if you have followed any of my personal accounts you follow these ones. Here is the official list of all the Cute and Classy social media that I will be keeping up with. Links and usernames both included (Click platform name for link)
  • Facebook: Search Cute and Classy
  • Twitter: @_cuteandclassy
  • Instagram: @cuteandclassyblog
  • Pinterest: Still a personal account but it is public and I'd really rather not manage two
  • Tumblr: Cuteandclassy
Facebook Twitter and Instagram are definitely the three I will be using the most.
I'm going to work on getting the same usernames across the board but that may take some time. I really want to create a uniform brand and image for Cute and Classy to help provide some better opportunities in the future and to reach more readers.
I'm so glad you can all be here and come on this journey of growing Cute and Classy with me.
Rememebr to always keep it cute, and classy.


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