Munchie Monday 4/4

August 20, 2016

Originally posted on April 4, 2016

Munchy Monday
Happy Monday everyone! I can not believe it's already April. Spring break for us Northern gals is just around the corner and I could not be more excited to escape to some warm weather before the stress of AP exams start.
With prom just around the corner (Check out my super cute promposal if you haven't already) as well as spring break, I wanted to start working out some more. I was so good about it last year and then I kind of just stopped. I felt so much better about my self when I was in better shape and a few pounds lighter so I decided to start (real) healthy eating and working out regularly again.
So, after a very long explanation, here are some healthy recipes I'll be trying out soon
  1. GREEK TURKEY BURGERS -who else is ready for summer barbecues?
  2. AVOCADO CAPRESE SALAD-a yummy summer salad
  3. CHICKEN TACOS-these remind me of the ones from Chipotle
  4. CHICKEN LETTUCE WRAPS-another great summer food- can you tell I'm over this cold weather we're having
  5. PARMESAN HASH BROWN CUPS-can you say yum?
If you couldn't tell I've got quite the summer vibe going on. That's probably because at the end of this month I'm going to South Carolina! Would you guys want to see some travel journal type posts, maybe even a vlog? Leave  me a comment below, letting me know what you want to see
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