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August 20, 2016

Originally posted on  https://thecuteandclassy.wordpress.com March 18, 2016

Lets Chat With DelaneyTell us a little bit about your blog and yourself
I'm a preppy girl from RVA whose passionate about fashion, faith, Beauty and fitness! I'm a Christian, I run track and I'm all about trying new things and going on adventures!
Why did you start blogging?
This sounds pathetic, but I followed so many bloggers and YouTubers from my personal account that I just decided to make a separate account that way my follow count ratio would remain in tact😂
What is your favorite color/ pattern combination?
Navy, and I love mixing plaid and herringbone!
What are some trends that you have been loving lately?
New balance sneakers, oversized tees, true grit pullovers
How you balance blogging with school/ work, friends and other activities?
I write down everything in my Lilly agenda! I write which uploads on which days and then plan out separate days to film, and have photo-shoots. I typically keep extra videos on my phone in case I ever need to upload and don't have time, that way if a last minute plan were to come up, or if I didn't have wifi, I could still upload no problem. I have a tight schedule but I try to keep my weekends free because this is almost like a job (but like the best job ever)
What one item can you not live without?
Does Netflix count as an item? But seriously, my phone, I do all my filming and photo-shoots and editing on here (my iPhone 6)
What would you consider your biggest accomplishment as a blogger?
Having the number of amazing followers I do have, that are so active, I'm so thankful for all of you. But I've also had big companies reach out to me and that's something that's very rewarding, and those companies are Jadelynn Brooke and Vineyard Vines.
Any recent splurges? If so what are they?
Krass and Co shorts, I bought a few pairs because I'm a rep, and I also spent a bunch of money on make up last week because I'm trying to expand into beauty!
Where can readers find you on social media?
@imapreppygirl on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat, Delaney Hogg on YouTube

Just for fun, what is your favorite Disney movie?
Monsters Inc and the lion king!

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