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Originally posted on  https://thecuteandclassy.wordpress.com December 23, 2015

I decided to try  both  Ipsy and Birchbox to test out the world of monthly subscriptions. I wanted to get an idea of what was out there, how they worked and which one was the best for me. Each one had some positives and some negatives but I will say that I liked both.
I'm going to take you through my list of pros and cons from each and let you know which one I think is more worth your money
First up: Birchbox

  • You get a box to use as storage- I'm thinking of using this one to store some extra school supplies
  • There is a card inside with a description of each product
  • No waiting list
  • You get point for reviewing products and can use them as money in their shop
  • Higher quality products
  • I was in love with 4 of the products (scrub, highlighter, brow pencil and hair mask) and still liked the other one (perfume)
  • It arrived before the estimated arrival date
  • Smaller samples (the highlighter and the body scrub- that's hardly enough for my whole body for one use!)
  • They shipped the November box- since I placed my order the last week of the month I thought I would be receiving the December box
Over all:
I was super excited to try out all of these products and they're honestly unlike anything I already had.
Next up: Ipsy
  • You get a bag you can use as a make up bag- I like to put my essentials in it and throw it in my purse. (Check back for a what's in my purse soon!)
  • 10¢ cheaper- not a big deal for one bag but it can add up over time
  • I was really only in love with 2-3 products in the bag
  • I got Benefit's They're Real mascara that I had been dying to try
  • It took a very long time to come after the estimated arrival date
  • There is a waiting list after you sign up
  • No product descriptions like in the Birchbox
  • I received an almond face scrub and having a food allergy I was not able to use it
Overall: I was a little disappointed with the contents of the bag but loved the actual bag.
Final thoughts: Really the only major plus of the ipsy bag  for me is that fact that it comes in a reusable makeup bag. If I were to continue a subscription I would most likely choose Birchbox.
Comment down below if there are any other monthly subscriptions that you think I should try out and would like to see me review
Remember to always keep it cute, and classy.

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