Bare Minerals Gen Nude Liquick Lipstick - First Impression and Review 

August 20, 2016

Originally posted on August 15, 2016

While I was at Macy's this weekend to get my brows done at the Brow Bar I saw the new Bare Minerals Gen Nude collection. A sales woman approached me and told me it was the "grand launch" of the line at Macy's and if you spent $50 you'd get a free gift with purchase. So naturally I had to pick up two liquid lips and a lip liner.
I picked up liquid lipsticks in Wink and Cookie and a lip liner in Borderline
First impression:
I love love love the packaging. It's so simple and chic, which I think is the look that they were going for. When you first open the liquid lipstick there's a very strong chocolate-y smell very similar to the Too Faced Chocolate line. For me the smell did not bother me but I do know that many people are sensitive to that. (The smell does not transfer when applied) There is a great varieties of colors so there's something to match everyone's skin tones and preferences.
Both liquid lipsticks went on very easily and very opaque. You don't have to work too quickly before they dry, but once they do dry they don't move. I can go the whole day without reapplying. That being said I'm usually reapply after I eat because I always feel like there's food on my lipstick after a meal. The formula is hardly drying and that is coming from someone who always has dry lips. I do find myself occasionally wanting to put some Chapstick on top but I do have very chapped lips.
I would definitely recommend the shade Cookie over Wink. It works better with my fair skin. Wink washes me out a little too much while Cookie is that "your lip color but better" shade on me. The lip liner is such a versatile color, you could wear it with almost any color.
Over all I give these products a 9.5/10
There's always room for improvement :)


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